Interac Casinos 2021

Interac Casinos are on the rise in USA due to Interac being such a widely accepted and respected interbank network. There are a lot of options out when it comes to transferring money to a USA bank, but Interac is accepted by some of the biggest online casinos on the Internet. Online casinos that accept e-transfer and Interac Online are on the rise and it’s for good reason. If you’re in USA and you’re looking to dabble in some online casinos, stick with Interac casinos. It’s well worth your time specifically because it won’t take up a lot of your time.

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What are Interac Casinos?

Interac casinos are online casinos in USA that accept Interac for transfering funds. It’s that simple. Why use Interac? It’s fast, easy-to-use, completely secure, and there’s no middle man. It’s one of the fastest ways to move money online from your bank account into an online casino.

And the cash will only transfer if you have the money in your account. That means that there’s no chance of overdrawing and going into debt.

Online Casinos that Accept e-Transfer

What are you looking for when you’re looking for an online casino with Interac Online and e-Transfer? You need to find a casino with your favorite games. That’s a no-brainer. You also want a casino with frequent, generous casino bonuses and whopping jackpots. After all, you’re in this to make som real money.

What you might not realize is that you should also be looking for a USA online casino that accept Interac etransfer. Some payment options are just a flat-out hassle. That isn’t the case when making an e-transfer.

It’s a quick, easy way to shoot real money from your bank account to your casino bankroll. And when you do hit that big jackpot, it’s just as easy to put the money right back into your bank.

How to Find the Best Interac Casinos With e-Transfer

Banking in online casinos used to be quite a nightmare for many USA iGamers. Complicated procedures, outrageous fees, and long procedures were common challenges. Primarily, this was a result of limited casino payment methods that USAs could use to play at a real money casino.

The introduction of Interac came as great news to many. The reason being, it makes online casino payments so easy and fast.

Notably, with its instant banking feature, online gamblers start their gaming adventure just a few minutes after funding their bankroll. Similarly, Interac withdrawals are fast enough. Basically, this is a banking option that you can rest assured will deliver excellent services.

Besides, Interac casinos are many, hence, finding a good one won't be a hassle. Below are some factors to consider to ensure you register at the best Interac Online casino.

License and Regulations

The number of iGaming sites has significantly increased. New Interac casinos continue to enter the industry regularly, further increasing the number of these casino sites. While this may be a good thing, in essence, it poses some risks to USA gamblers.

Some online casino operators take the advantage of this growth to scam unsuspecting players. It is for this reason that you need to check a casino's licensing and regulation status before you register.

To clarify this further, there are several regulatory authorities in the industry. Some are in it for business while others are there to ensure casinos conform to the industry's standards. The latter agencies are the best. Think of gambling boards like:

  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch
  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

These are some of the most reputable and strictest casino licensing bodies and regulators. Other trustworthy regulators are:

Safety and Security

It is perfectly sensible for you to have concerns about the level of safety provided by iGaming sites. Security is paramount since even the slightest hitch can put your personal and financial details at risk. Again, cases of cyberattacks are on the rise, and as such, you need a casino that guarantees you your safety.

Casinos with Interac Online and E-transfer payments use various security systems to enhance safety on their platforms. Secure Socket Layer (SSL), for instance, is quite common.

Accordingly, casinos use 128-bit encryption or 256-bit encryption. In simpler terms, SSL encryption establishes encrypted links between clients and casino servers. That is: it scrambles the information shared between you and the casino in such a way that third parties have no ability to access it.

With SSL encryption, sensitive information such as credit/debit card details and login credentials are safely transmitted. This makes it really hard for hackers to intercept the data.

On top of this, online casino sites that value the safety of their customers use firewall protection. The technology protects the sensitive information that online casino store in their databases.

When checking out Interac casinos, be keen on those with an eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) seal. eCOGRA is an organization that regularly monitors casinos to ensure they are running securely and fairly.

Casinos that receive this company's seal must comply with all the requirements. This includes safety, fair gaming and responsible gambling. As we previously stated, your security should come first even as you enjoy casino gaming. The only way to keep yourself safe is by joining casinos that observe high-security standards.

Trustworthy and Reputation

Playing online casino games in casinos is quite convenient. To comfortably enjoy the convenience that these sites deliver, you need to be a reputable and trustworthy e-transfer and Interac casino. There are different ways you can use to test a casino's trustworthiness.

To start with, read reviews from other users as well as USA casino review sites lite this one. Be keen to see if gamers complaining of the casino failing to honour its part of the deal regarding online payments.

Usually, online casinos that don't pay USA players their casino winnings, in most cases, are rogue. Hence, you should avoid them. Apart from this, try to see if the casino you want to join is among the blacklisted ones.

No matter how much you like a particular casino, you must never join it if it's blacklisted. But, you need to ensure the sites that have blackballed the casino are reliable.

Further, on this, you will also need to check if the casino is licensed and regulated by reputable authorities. We have explained this in detail under the licensing and regulation section. Moreover, casinos that are keen on promoting responsible gaming tend to be reputable.

With the development of online gaming, anyone can access the sites, even underage people. Reputable casinos will go the extra mile to ensure only people who have attained the minimum gambling age can register at their websites.

Number and Variety of Games

Online casinos in USA offer a magical environment full of fun-filled and exciting games. When looking for a good Interac casino, you need to go for the one with a packed library. After all, gaming is the primary reason you join these sites, so you need access to as many titles as possible.

Casinos offer a wide variety of games including table games, poker, scratch cards, video slots, and specialty games.

Most importantly, before you choose a specific site, you need to be aware of the games you want to play. If you are a fan of slots, chances are, you will be looking for a casino with many online video slots. Again, if you are new to gaming, maybe you wouldn't have an idea of the games that will likely excite you.

In such a case, you can consider a site with a variety of casino game types. This way, you get to experience the thrill of playing different games.

Still, under games, look at the software providers that power your favorite casinos. Good casinos are those with plenty of games from giant software providers. Industry leaders like Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Play'n Go, and Evolution Gaming are common in top Interac etransfer casinos.

Notably, you can have a rough estimate of the games available in a casino even before you sign up. They are on the homepage.

User Experience (App)

Mobile gaming has become very popular today as more people are choosing to access casino games on their mobile devices. With this in mind, therefore, when looking for a casino, you need to consider its compatibility with mobile devices.

In particular, check whether it has a downloadable app optimized for the device you use. A casino that runs seamlessly on mobile is ideal since you won’t experience disruptions during your gaming sessions.

Furthermore, be keen on aspects like the interface. A good mobile casino site should have a neat layout with user-friendly buttons and icons. These should help make it possible to easily navigate to different casino sections. What is more, a casino must be responsive in a mobile app.

And also well-developed in such a manner that tabs don’t overlay each other. What’s more, consider sites you are certain you will have access to dozens of games. You wouldn't want to limit yourself to games just because you play from your mobile.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses at e-transfer and Interac Online casinos today come in different forms. Welcome bonuses, free spins, and match deposit bonuses are among the offers that are common in almost every other casino.

USA players love bonus cash and promotions. At least most of them do. One reason why you should love these casino offers is that they give your bankroll a boost.

Take, for instance, a scenario where a casino gives you a online casino deposit bonus of up to C$100. This is not a low amount, considering that you get to place real money bets with it. Thus, this is the reason we recommend online gamblers to take advantage of the bonuses available at Casinos.

You also must read the terms of these bonuses. Some come tied to rather ridiculous terms, such as high wagering requirements.

Not to mention, such requirements require you to play the bonus a number of times to cash out your winnings. Thus, if the requirements are very high, it may be hard to meet them within the given bonuses' timeframe.

Luckily, real money gambling sites with low or no wagering requirements are coming up, so, ensure you put them into consideration.

Loyalty Program (VIP-Program)

Casinos in USA have loyalty reward schemes for loyal customers. The schemes use different names, but the ones you will likely come across are VIP Programs or Loyalty Clubs.

As a gamer, you will feel like a part of the casino if your casino appreciates you as their customers. As a result, if you want to join a good Interac casino, consider those with an excellent reward system.

The benefits offered to loyal players differ from one to another. Nevertheless, most offer fantastic perks, such as regular free spins, personalized customer support, birthday treats, and so much more. Others have even better deals, such as fully-paid vacations for the leading VIP Club member.

Customer Support

Gaming in online casinos means that sometimes, you may encounter challenges or have questions. If this happens, you will expect the casino to help you. You would also expect your casino to respond in a manner that shows it is knowledgeable with matters concerning casino gaming.

Lastly, you would want a site that responds to you promptly. This is why you need to have an overview of a casino's support system before you become a member.

Good casinos have friendly and helpful customer service representatives. They also have multiple contact avenues like live chat, email, and phone number. Moreover, most of them offer customer services 24/7.

With this, you will not have to wait for an urgent issue simply because the support team is out of the office. Remarkably, it is possible to contact casinos before registration.

Hence, to test how well they respond to customers and the time they take, send them an email. Alternatively, talk to them via live chat or give them a call. Most offer toll-free numbers, so you won't incur any charges. You can tell a lot about a casino from the way their support team will respond to your questions.

Apart from the mentioned options, you should also check if a site has a comprehensive FAQs page. The section helps you to learn basic things about the casino.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

When playing in online casinos that accept Interac, the goal is to make fast and secure casino deposits and withdrawal methods. Interac offers exactly this, which is why many USA gamers prefer it.

While this is the case, you sometimes may want to try out another banking method. This is where alternative payment options come into play.

For convenience, you should consider sites with diverse options. The available methods should also have a track record of being safe. Another factor to look at is reliability. For instance, if you are the type of online casino player who loves instant deposits, you will be looking for sites with instant deposit methods.

The same case goes for payouts and when you make a withdrawal request. Having said that, other alternatives common in Interac casinos are Skrill, VISA, iDebit, Maestro, MasterCard, and Neteller.

Why are e-Transfers and Interac Casinos Exciting?

If you go out and play in a brick-and-mortar casino, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get your money out of your wallet and into a dealer’s hand. You just reach into your pocket and grab it.

Transferring USA dollars to an online casino should be just as easy as that. That’s what e-Transfer and Interac is doing and that is also why it is so exciting.

How to Sign Up and Send Money with Interac eTransfer

Before you can use Interac in online casinos, you must create an Interac eTransfer account. You will need a CIBC Debit/Credit card and access to a voice call or text message with a security question for your registration process. The steps to follow include:

  1. The first step is to enter the details of your card number and a valid USA phone number.
  2. Click next and select how you wish to receive the OTP code and then select send.
  3. Enter the code and security answer sent to you and click next.
  4. Input your password followed by next.
  5. Read the terms and check the box to acknowledge you accept these terms and tap register.
  6. Next, click the sign on button to access your account.

If you want to register on your mobile device, below is a step-by-step guide.

  1. First, download the mobile banking app from App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, or Blackberry World.
  2. From the navigation menu tap register and then key in your card number and expiry date. Select continue.
  3. Choose your contact method to get the OTP code.
  4. Enter this code, click continue and then go through the Agreement and click I agree.
  5. Select ok to sign in to your account.

After setting up your Interac account, you can now go ahead and use it in your chosen casino. Here is a guide on how to do it.

  1. Once you log into the casino, head over to the cashier's page and select Interac.
  2. Select the send money option followed by the casino's name and its banking information.
  3. Choose how much you want to transfer and initiate the process.
  4. Interac will send the amount you choose directly to your casino's bank account.

Advantages with Interac Casinos

The ease of use of Interac makes it a preferred payment option by many gamers across USA. Of course, an E-transfer casino accepts dozens of banking methods, which is why gamers may ask why they should consider Interac. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why.

  • Interac is a popular method for online banking with a long history of offering excellent services.
  • This excellent option is ideal for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Interac has multiple security layers to promote the safety of the clients' information.
  • It is simple to use and fast with deposits and withdrawals being almost instantaneous.

Disadvantages with Interac E-Transfer Casinos

Interac remains one of the best banking methods so far. The disadvantages associated with this option are almost negligible since you can avoid them. They include:

  • The primary con associated with Interac is phishing. To protect yourself from this, never respond to emails not sent via Interac's official email address.
  • Restricted to only USAs. Thus, even if it's possible to join an Interac casino, you can't use the option if you aren’t a USA.

What is the Difference Between Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer?

You may find casinos asking you to choose whether you want to use Interac e-Transfer or Interac Online, and you'll be wondering, aren't they the same. Well, there is a difference between the two.

To start with, Interac e-Transfer is famous for money transfers to family or friends. The option allows you to deposit money to a recipient's account by entering their email address. It is available at several credit unions and financial institutions.

Subsequently, Interac Online is more seamless, with users being able to use it for various online transactions. When making payments via Interac Online, you will not need an email to initiate a transfer. Your casino will provide the payment gateway that you use to transfer funds from your account.

Next, it will redirect you to logging directly into your bank to authorize a transaction. In case of a withdrawal, your casino sends the money to the banking intitution you provide.

About Interac and e-Transfer

Interac is a renowned USA payment network launched in 1984. Ever since this service provider has been offering USAs efficient and safe ways to transfer funds online. Interac operates under the joint efforts of Acxsys Corporation and Interac Association.

These are two large firms made up of various financial institutions, payment and trust organizations, and banks. They include for RBC Royal Bank of USA, TD USA Trust, LeRoy Credit Union, LaHave River Credit Union, First Nations Bank and other major banks.

Together, they facilitate electronic transactions in various industries, among them the USA iGaming sector. The company is among the most trusted payment service providers in USA casinos. Particularly, their deep history of commitment and focus on innovation makes Interac a perfect online payment method.

Interac Casinos Summary

Interac is a widely accepted payment solution in USA casinos. The fact that it supports both deposits and instant withdrawals further makes it a favorite to many. The convenience of being able to use a single option for both is no doubt unmatched.

In addition to this, the best of Interac casinos are secure. They use various technologies to enhance the level of security on their sites.

Owing to this, the casinos can effectively ensure safe data transfer and storage. More so, top Interac casinos have many games on offer. These come in varieties, such as table games and video slots to cater to the iGaming needs of different players.

Online Casino Bonuses and promotions in these casinos are also in plenty. Overall, casinos with an Interac Online payment option remain unbeaten, partly because of their dedication to delivering pleasant gaming adventures to you.

Interac Casinos

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)  

› How long is the processing duration?
Interac casinos and process your deposit in under 30 minutes. In case of delays, contact your casino regarding your online payment service.
› Is it a must to create an Interac account?
Yes, it's a must. Casinos deduct money from your account through Interac, so you need an account.
› Which banking institution support Interac?
You can use Interac with many financial institutions as well as several credit unions in USA.
› Is it possible to reverse a transaction?
In most cases no. You should always confirm your casino's details before authorizing a transaction. Electronic transfers are almost similar to cash transactions, which makes reversals a bit hard.
› What is Interac Flash?
Interac Flash is connected to Interac Debit and a contactless way to pay for items in stores. The Interac Flash solution is not available for online casinos.